Thursday, 5 May 2011


...or rather, saved...
...An old Gladstone bag found in a retro junk shop looking all very sorry for itself, i saw it out the corner of my eye and my heart did a little skippity skip like it does when a poor lost item wants to come home with me, so i picked it up, gave it a little hug, handed over some pennies, (quite a few pennies actually), and hugged it all the way home.....

....the poor thing is in a bit of a sorry state...

...i think with a bit of pixie magic i can make it all yummy again...

....and finally...a small peek at something else in the making....

....and, if anybody out there has any suggestions on how to achieve more hours in a day, so that one might have enough hours in a day to get all the things that need to get done, actually done, would be much appreciated. Cheerio for now, Pixie xx


  1. Pixie... I have an absolute obsession with Gladstone bags and have done since being a teenager, when I bought my first one (which was later stolen at Fenchurch Station in London)... I love it and I'm sure you'll have it looking lovely in no time.
    In the meantime, if you find the recipe for creating more hours in the day, please pass it my way... there are never enough in this house either! xx

  2. Oh Pixie, your new bag is absolutely beautiful! Well done on finding it. Can't wait to see what you're making - it looks gorgeous. Hope you're having a lovely week hon.

  3. Yes - do share the "more hours in a day" secret if you find it! And wow - you do manage some good finds - that bag is wonderful!

  4. Hi Pixie! Thank you so much for telling me about Fiddlesticks - I love it. I am just going to make a very large cuppa and have a good look at it. I did see that she calls one of her dogs Miss Fluffy Pants which made me laugh as that's what I sometimes call my cat! Hope you're having a lovely day. Very rainy here but cosy and warm inside with the fire going. Small folk are out with dad buying me a mother's day card - ow cute. Bye!

  5. Helo Pixie, I was just Blog hopping and I came over from Leannes.
    I love what I found here and was pleased to see you have a Sooty puppet like mine :-)
    I love your crochet and I'm off now for a read some older posts.
    Blessings Kath

  6. Wow, whatta great bag! great find :)