Thursday, 16 June 2011


......Some new YUMMY YUMMY wool....
....Ooooooh, i do love new wool.....
....lovely 100% pima cotton DK in little ball the brilliant was quite amusing actually,  i was wandering round the lovely wool shop were i live gazing longingly at all the lovely wool, when i actually caught myself  stroking these little balls of wool that were nuzzled against me like they were little baby chicks, the lovely lady who owns the shop said that wasn't the first time she'd seen a woman doing just that, and she quite understood.....she also went on to say that some women buy the wool just to sit on there coffee table as they look too lovely to undo and this i can quite understand......they do look quite happy safely sealed in there little jackets.......
....oh dear my pictures are a bit blurred aren't they, don't know why, they looked ok when i took them, sorry.....anyway........I'm not really sure what to make with them yet, i have been so inspired lately by so many wonderful blog sites that i just cant decide what to do first...........probably should finish all the other half started things really.....but i just know i wont....xx.......

So..moving on to the next yummy thing....has everybody now got there copies of the new 'Mollie makes' magazine?, unfortunately for me i couldn't get the first edition as it sold out everywhere extremely quickly, but i did get the second one, and its just GREAT, its full of fabby things.....

....mmmmm, yes yummy......

....ooooooh, yes, definitely more yumminess.....

.....oh wow.....

.....yum yum yummy....

.......well, I'm off now to hug my new balls of wool, and then sit and sort through the ever growing mound of half started crochet......perhaps, i may just have a certain Japanese shawl to show you very soon......miracles have been known to happen......hugs to you all... Pixie xxx


  1. Lovely yarns and fabulous crochet! Also, I'll be on the lookout for Molly Makes. Too many wonderful projects, and never enough time! Thanks for the inspiring post, Pixie!

  2. I am so very jealous! First because of your gorgeous new wool and second because of your Mollie Makes mag. We can't get it here (yet anyway) but I have begged our local shop to try and get it in for me. It looks stunning! The crochet blankets in the pics look AMAZING!! I am getting used to working with white wool now and persevering with those hexagons. But then I look at the squares and think maybe I should do that. Aaargh - what to do!!! I hope you're having a lovely weekend hon.

  3. Ooh the Molly Makes Magazine just look gorgeous. Can't believe I'm missing out. We've left the UK end of last year :-(

    Will definitely see if I can subscribe to it.

    Love your blog.
    Carina x

  4. Hi this by far the most beautiful blog I have ever visited.
    I love everything, the layout the art the referrals and links... I am speechless WOW!!!
    I will be visiting often, thanks what an Inspiration

    I am from South Africa, does Mollie Makes have a web address in the book somewhere, please share..

    arti greetins

  5. South African flood on you comment list as I am the third :-) Let me just echo that this a very beautiful blog, I wish I could commission sme of your artwork, and that I'll be stopping by on a regular basis just to stare at the beauty here.

  6. What a lovely post, i love the yarn, definitely a wow factor. Where did you manage to get the back copies of the Mollie Makes?