Saturday, 3 December 2011

......Its just one of those days..... be making a first attempt at ....socks......

......Mr Pixie has got to work this afternoon so i have the house all to myself.......bliss.... its me laying on the sofa with endless mugs of tea and knitting and Bix laying on the rug in front of the stove......

.......i don't think Bix and I will be doing much else today......



  1. sounds like bliss, I'm also knitting...watching sleepless in seatle, in front of the fire :-)
    stay cosy x

  2. What a perfect afternoon!! Can't wait to see your sock progress - you clever girl. They look soooo tricky to make. We are the total opposite just now - my fat cat Bella is full stretch on the floor trying to cool off. It's really humid which we're not used to. But it's also that weird time of the year when you take a look at your legs that have been covered for so long and think "eek I can't bare these things in public"!!! Have a fab week hon. See you again soon.

  3. You are a lucky, lucky lady! I can totally imagine how blissed out you must be feeling. I am truly happy for you.

    With all that tranquility your socks will have a little extra magic and a lot more winter softness!

    Have a beautiful, snuggily week.

  4. Hi Pixie!

    Sorry no comments in awhile, but I've been keeping up, and have been inspired from everything you've been doing. Loved your post about your old toys. I've got 3 of my Madame Alexander Littlle Women dolls and my old tiny Singer sewing machine. All your knitted creation are wonderful! Loved your foxy scarf and those DARLING gnomes. That video is adorable. Good luck with your socks. I've always got a pair going, and other than tights, that's all I wear. Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration....

  5. How cosy does Bix look! What a lovely way to spend the day....

    Lori x

  6. What a great little set up, fire, rug, cat and first socks! the sock color is good :-} oh to be sock making!!
    HUGS Lorraine

  7. Looks like a perfect afternoon to me, such a pretty cat and fireside and oh yes, lovely crafting! xo Karen

  8. aawww that photo of the fire and the kitty makes me want to join you cups of tea and knitting what a wonderful day. xx